Monday, July 17, 2017

African Blind Foundation Lifts Bethseaida Blind School

African Blind Foundation Lifts Bethseaida Blind School

The African Blind & Restoration Foundation today presented essential food items to the Bethsaida Vocational School of the Blind in Mushin. It was in response to a major need in the school.

The presentation was made by the Foundation along with some representatives from Jsp, a leading Nigerian PR agency and strategic partner to the African Blind Foundation.

Mr Imagbe Igbinoba, the Executive Director of the African Blind & Restoration Foundation noted that, "no matter the level of prosperity in any society, there will always be a great number of people in poverty.
"The number of poor people and the level of suffering will even be greater when times are hard and resources are scarce. We therefore see the need to be ever mindful of the needs of the poor. "

The African Blind & Restoration Foundation is probably the only Foundation in Africa that focuses on serving the blind. Over the last few years, the Foundation has funded many eye surgeries, launched a series of blindness prevention educations campaigns, set up several small businesses for the blind and offered a number of scholarships.

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