Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nollywood and Kannywood Are Now Nigeria's Top Tourist Attractions

Nollywood and Kannywood Are Now Nigeria's Top Tourist Attractions

Nigerian film industry is now the country’s main tourist attraction, as Nigerian films are popular in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, South Africa, Gabon, Gambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are also widely viewed within Nigerian communities in Great Britain and the USA.

According to the Daily Times, the industry, which has been nicknamed ‘Nollywood’, is currently the second largest film producer in the world in terms of the amount of films that it puts out. It is responsible for the creation of a staggering two thousand films each year, putting it ahead of Hollywood, and comes second only to Bollywood with regards to productivity, Bollywood putting out approximately three thousand five hundred films per year.

Filming locations in Abuja and Lagos are now visited by droves of tourists who are curious to see the setting for their favourite Nollywood movies and set foot in locations where the stars have stood.

~ By Laura Chapman

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